Month: March 2014

Weekend Words: Take Me to London

I am off, jet setting to one of my favourite cities in the world! Every time I go back to London, I discover something new that I love and this time I am especially excited to see some amazing theatre, learn from some outstanding teachers and soak up the awesome culture. Oh, and I’m looking […]

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Curry Apple Turkey Burgers with Mac ‘n Cheese

Today’s delicious recipe is perfect for the changing seasons when you feel like it’s time to get back outside on the grill! It’s healthy and such a simple recipe that anyone can do it! Here’s what you’ll need: 1 lb ground turkey (preferably dark meat such as thighs) 1 apple (peeled) 1 small fennel bulb […]

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Our House Flip!

I know, I know…it’s been awhile! Trust me, I have had THE craziest few weeks ever! But, I promise I have some good reasons for my major blogging absence. First off…WE BOUGHT A HOUSE!! Yes, it’s true and we are extremely excited about this adorable bungalow in Forest Heights! We have some great plans for […]

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Lamb Kebabs with Heavenly Homemade Tzatziki

 It is no secret that I love to eat…but when it comes to cooking, I find it really hard to find the time and energy. Especially when it comes to cooking well (no burning allowed!!) and healthy. How many times have I simply opted for another frozen pizza, you ask?? Well, I won’t go there. […]

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