Month: November 2015

Just a Glimpse of November

glimpse of November

Ok November flew by, did it not?!! I just looked back to my October glimpse and it felt like I JUST wrote that. Well, it was a great month, but a busy one that I almost barely remember. A few things that did occur: I jetted down to Calgary to visit the new West Elm […]

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Comfy Knits

comfy knits

In my day to day, I am generally an on time kind of person. My husband may disagree with me but that’s because to him on time means being 20 minutes early! Usually, the only time I am actually late is because either my hair was uncooperative (I hate my hair!!!) or I’m trying to […]

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Simple Sugar Cookies with Eggnog Icing

sugar cookies with eggnog icing

It’s time for some holiday baking everyone!! I don’t know about you but I love getting into the kitchen and baking my yearly favourites (which always includes Spritz cookies – see my recipe for those here). You should also check out what Diana is cooking up on 204 Park as well! So many great recipes! […]

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5 Days in Switzerland: things to see and do

Switzerland!!! The land of delicious chocolate, gorgeous hand crafted watches, and stunning scenery. The place where we spent the most money of our entire honeymoon!! and discovered that the Swiss sure know how to do luxury right! But, of course, there is much more to this great country than that and, even though many love to […]

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