Fall Bucket ListThanksgiving has come and gone and we are now in the throws of fall. I’m thankful for many things but yesterday, as I was walking through the ravine, it really struck me how fortunate I am to live where I do. Not only this particular location, but in this city and this country. I could probably go on a long tangent about certain aspects, like the fact I didn’t go into debt to have a baby and could opt to stay home with my son for a whole year…but this isn’t that kind of blog post 😉Fall Bucket List

Instead, I’ll stick to the simple pleasantries of living in a place that gets to celebrate ALL four seasons! Some are not as pleasant as others (I’m looking at you winter!) but in all honesty, I love the colder months. And, you guessed it, the fall season is my absolute favourite. Having Jack has made me appreciate it even more, as I’m seeing him experience it all for the first time. Plus, I’m already envisioning him in his Halloween costume, which we can all agree will be aaaadorable! So, in honour of my favourite time of year, here’s yet another fall bucket list that I’m slowly checking off…

  1. Find a New Walking Route in the Ravine
  2. Snap Jack Amidst All the Yellow and Orange
  3. Add Some Autumn Home Touches (like these items)
  4. Attempt a New Hearty Soup Recipe (recommendations welcomed!)
  5. Gather Up Some Fall Scents
  6. Go To a Pumpkin Patch
  7. Host an Indoor Fire with ‘Smores
  8. Bake a Pie (never tried this before!!)
  9. Host a Halloween Movie Night – complete with theatre styled treats
  10. Celebrate Jack’s First Halloween – photos galore!!
  11. Create a Cozy Nook For That Fall Reading List (coming soon to a blog near you! But here’s last year’s)
  12. Get Lost in the Corn Maze

Fall Bucket List Fall Bucket ListWhat’s on your fall bucket list this year?? xoxo