Sneak Peak: Our Office Design

I am really excited to show you our office space that we have been working on for a very, very long time. It wasn’t supposed to be so long, but other projects took priority and you know how life can get! So yes, this simple home office renovation got turned into a much longer stint. But […]

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Last Renovation Update

We are getting sooooo close to finishing this Forest Heights Flip…and we are getting crazy excited about it (can we move in please?!). It really is turning out better than we could have imagined. So here is our last update before we show you the finished project from top to bottom. A huge transformation has […]

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House Flip Check In

Now it may not look like much yet, but we have made some incredible progress in the Forest Heights home. And by we, I mean Ryan and Brendon. I haven’t really gotten my hands dirty…yet! But I did stop by this past weekend to check in on how things were going and take some pictures!! If […]

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