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Inspired Read: The Nest

The Nest

He hesitated. Above him, an ear-splitting screech. He looked up to see three enormous crows, perched on the bare branches of one of the few trees that had already dropped its leaves. They were all squawking at once, as if they were arguing about his next move. Directly beneath, in the midst of the stark […]

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Summer Must Reads 2016

summer must reads 2016

Yay!!! It’s finally time!! Time to share my summer must reads, which I do every summer! This is honestly one of my favourite posts that I look forward to each year (since I’m a bit of a nerdy bookworm). I search high and low for the best novels, biographies, historical fictions, etc. for a few […]

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Inspired Read: Big Magic

Big Magic Book Review

I have to admit that I am not often drawn to the self help section of the bookstore. But, when I discovered that Elizabeth Gilbert’s latest book, Big Magic, was about creative living, I had to venture over to that side and grab a copy. Hoping for some inspiration, I was curious to see what this amazing […]

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Inspired Read: Styled the Book

Styled the book by Emily Henderson.

Today’s inspired read is all about gorgeous interiors, perfect vignettes and, of course, beautiful styling. I have long been a fan of Emily Henderson’s blog and design work and I was thrilled to see her release her own book, Styled, that helps anyone who feels especially “stuck” with finalizing their space. And I’m obviously not […]

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