Jack’s Picks // The Gathre Play Mat

Gathre Play Mat

Since having Jack there have been a few items I can legitimately say I can’t live without. They are the products that have made the biggest impact on both mine and Jack’s life. And after using this latest pick for a few weeks, I can honestly say I’ve found another must have. The Gathre play […]

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Baby’s First Getaway! Travel to Tofino

Travelling to Tofino with a Baby

We went back and forth for awhile trying to decide on a good travel destination for Jack’s first trip. We wanted somewhere that we would really enjoy, and would accommodate a small baby. When Ryan suggested Tofino B.C., we both agreed that it would be the perfect first family trip. Travelling with a baby has […]

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Summer Must Reads 2017

summer must reads

Much to my dismay, the amount of time I’ve had to read has gone down considerably since Jack came into the picture! But, having a good book on the go is still a priority, especially now that it’s summer. You can definitely bet that I’ll be parking myself on the deck, on the beach or […]

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At 4 Months…

At 4 Months

As cliché as it sounds, babies really don’t keep. I’m learning that firsthand as we celebrate Jack hitting the 4 month mark today. 4 months?! It seems like I blinked and he’s no longer a newborn – he’s this little person now who changes every day. And yet, even though the time has gone fast, it also […]

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