The YEG Wish List

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Last year, I started what I hoped would become a yearly tradition. I asked some of my favourite bloggers, makers and YEG girl bosses what was on their Christmas wish list. What resulted was one of my favourite holiday posts! And so, I contacted a few more of my friends to share another round up of […]

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A Weekend in Victoria

A Weekend in Victoria, travel Victoria

After our Palm Springs getaway last month, Ryan and I were lucky to steal a few more days away just the two of us. Surprisingly, neither of us had been to Victoria, BC, so it seemed like the perfect destination to conclude our mini babymoon. I think there are a lot of misconceptions about this […]

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Rosemary Infused Cranberry Mocktail

Rosemary Infused Cranberry Mocktail, Christmas cocktail, rosemary drink recipe

I absolutely love the smell (and taste) of rosemary, and even more so during the holiday season! Most of your dinner recipes will call for a bit of rosemary, so I thought this year’s Christmas drink should also make use of this delicious herb. And because I am pregnant, I am going to make a […]

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