A Weekend in Victoria

A Weekend in Victoria, travel Victoria

After our Palm Springs getaway last month, Ryan and I were lucky to steal a few more days away just the two of us. Surprisingly, neither of us had been to Victoria, BC, so it seemed like the perfect destination to conclude our mini babymoon. I think there are a lot of misconceptions about this […]

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A Palm Springs Getaway

Palm Springs, travel guide, Palm Springs travel

I have wanted to make a trip out to Palm Springs for a long time. I know it’s not necessarily the biggest tourist destination and it is quite small, but something about it always seemed special to me. Maybe it was all the photos I had been constantly seeing on my IG feed or the […]

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A Girls Weekend in Toronto

girls weekend in Toronto, travel Toronto

In all my travels, I have never made it to Toronto. It’s true! Well, until last weekend that is! When BlogPodium announced their dates and location in TO, I knew I had to make it out there, simply for the fact that it was a great opportunity to see a new city. Plus, a weekend […]

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Using GPS Guided Travel Articles

GPS guided travel articles

I don’t know about you but besides design blogs, I always get excited reading articles on travel. Travelling is such a big passion of mine and great blog posts can really inspire my future travels. I actually get a lot of my travel recommendations from my favourite blogs. A little while ago, I was contacted […]

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Road Trip Fun

road trip

I’m back!! Sorry for the little blogging hiatus but I was in serious need of a little rejuvenation and relaxation, which I definitely achieved this past week. Now I’m ready to get back into action! This past week we took a little break to BC and I have to say, I absolutely love a good […]

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