Road Trip Fun

road trip

I’m back!! Sorry for the little blogging hiatus but I was in serious need of a little rejuvenation and relaxation, which I definitely achieved this past week. Now I’m ready to get back into action! This past week we took a little break to BC and I have to say, I absolutely love a good […]

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My 2016 Edmonton Summer Guide

Edmonton Summer Guide

As you know from all my past travel posts, I love travelling…a lot. But, truthfully, there’s something to be said about staying put, in Edmonton, in the summer. Most people in the world barely know where we are, jumping to the conclusion that if you’re from Canada then it must be Vancouver or Toronto that […]

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12 Reasons to Love London

reasons to love London

I have been lucky enough to travel to London five times now. But even still, after each visit, it only reminds me that this city takes years to fully discover. Every visit reveals something new to appreciate, a hidden corner waiting to impress or yet another favourite site to see. I love London. If it […]

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6 Things You Need to Know Before Visiting Valencia


As the winter months wind down, I am finding myself eagerly awaiting the opportunity to travel again. Some sunshine and a beach would be optimal…like what we had back on our honeymoon through Europe. But my next destination happens to be London…Sunshine? Maybe, fingers crossed! Beach? Umm….A few weeks ago, I shared my day trip to […]

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