Road Trip PlaylistRyan and I are counting down the days until we set off on our road trip across Alberta and British Columbia. We plan to stop in the mountains, at our family’s cabin, then to Vancouver with a quick stop over in Seattle. We are so excited to hit the open road and discover some new gems along the way. Road trips are a lot of hours but so much fun…a summer essential! I decided that in honour of our trek I would put together a series of posts inspired by road adventures!

Now, everyone knows that the key to a great drive is having the perfect music to help pass the hours. Ryan and I don’t always agree on music choices but we decided to spend some time creating the perfect road trip playlist that we could both agree on. Now the full playlist is well over 8 hours long but here is an abbreviated version of our epic road trip playlist for you to also enjoy!Road Trip PlaylistImage 1 source | Image 2 source

What do you think of our road trip playlist? Any other suggestions for us to include??