9 Interior Design Trends to Watch in 2017

At the beginning of the year, we always like to predict. What will the coming year hold? What can we expect to see? What will change? I ask the same questions when it comes to interior design trends, namely which trend will be the biggest one in 2017?! Well, I made a short list of what I think will be popular this year and I’m excited to hear which you agree/disagree with or like/dislike the most! Here are my top 9 interior design trends to watch in 2017:

2017 design trendsMuted Palettes

You can thank Pantone’s 2016 colours for kicking off this trend and launching that favourite blush hue. In 2017, we will definitely be seeing a lot more soft palettes and toned down colour combos. I especially love this trend for serene spaces like bedrooms and living spaces.

2017 design trendsMinimalism

Continuing on the toned down trend, I predict that minimalistic design is going to be even bigger in 2017. Maybe we can thank the KonMari Method for the shift in perspective, but there is a definite push for the “less is more” approach. This trend is all about clean lines, uncluttered spaces and a lot of neutrals.

2017 design trendsBoho Bedrooms

Not exactly a new trend, but I see the boho inspired bedroom going strong throughout the year. Boho spaces are relaxed and effortless, with wall tapestries, greenery and, my fave, a gorgeous vintage inspired rug.

2017 design trendsNeutral Nurseries

In 2016 the term “gender neutral nursery” saw a huge rise in search engines. I even designed my own nursery around this idea! This trend isn’t going anywhere in 2017 – I foresee a lot of moms wanting to stick to a neutral colour palette regardless if they know the gender of their baby or not.

2017 design trendsBlue in the Kitch

The standout colour for kitchens these days is definitely blue! Navy basically became the new black last year and I predict that the trend will continue. Especially since we are loving the two toned cabinet options in kitchen design. I think blue base cabinets are going to be even more prevalent on our Pinterest feeds.

2017 design trendsOld and New

In with the new…AND the old! Interiors in 2017 will definitely see a mix of the two, with even more emphasis on finding those perfect antiques and curated items that make a space one of a kind. Think of mixing a vintage table with new chairs, a living room with an old passed down piano next to a brand new sofa or an antique rug anchoring a bedroom with a modern bed frame. The possibilities are endless.

2017 design trendsIndustrial, Reinvented

With this trend, think black steel mixed with earthy textures like timber and clay. Then add in some stylish elements and textures like a wool throw, a faux sheepskin rug, or something leather. This industrial aesthetic has a raw and stylish edge.

2017 design trendsGlass Terrariums

You know how the Fiddle Leaf Fig tree dominated the corners of just about every space we saw in 2016? Well the prediction is that it’s on its way out in favour of different greenery both of the leafy and succulent variety. One option that we will see more of in 2017 is the glass terrarium – a more manageable option for a lot of us that haven’t been blessed with a green thumb.

2017 design trendsThe Colour Green

And finally, what I think will be one of the biggest trends in interior design this year – the colour green! Being named Pantone’s Colour of the Year, green will become a very popular shade for many applications. It’s revitalizing, fresh and brings us closer to nature. I predict that even though bright green is the “it” colour, I expect we’ll be seeing a lot of the emeralds, olives and softer pastel greens too.

Which of the 2017 Design Trends is your Fave?!

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