Normally, each month flies by. I find myself so busy that I can barely keep track of what I did within the span of a month. Yes, we did buy two houses and that was pretty crazy AND we have already started designing and ordering products for the master bathroom renovation. But honestly, besides that, this month was really, really boring. It was incredibly hard to find any sort of motivation for a couple of weeks there and, aside from all the house packing, I don’t feel like I accomplished much of anything in the way of goals. Such is life though! It has its ups and its downs! But I promise, no Negative Nancy over here! I am very much looking forward to the craziness of March and the impression of Spring on the horizon. Before I jump into the next month though, here are some of the things I am currently doing, loving, and appreciating – a small glimpse of February and all its…well boringness, to say the least, lol. glimpse of february

Check out the links: Avenue Magazines Top Edmonton Restaurants | Grab the E-Book of A Season of Ashes Here | My current favourite Olafur Arnalds song – Tomorrow’s Song. Listen to it here | Crave TV & a little review of Masters of Sex for you to read | Mac’s Groundwork Paint Pot recommended by the best MUA (go hit up Behind the Blush and if you are in Edmonton, take a makeup class they offer! I usually model too!) | Off the Shoulder love – this top is on my radar for Spring | Need to give someone some flowers to cheer them up? Well try a Bloom Box from my girl Janine at Fabloomosity

And there is my glimpse of February…happy to see it go! Happy March Everyone! xoxo