May was a busy month. I feel a tad burnt out but with summer on the horizon I don’t even mind! We are getting so close to finishing the upstairs Ravine House renovation, which is amazing, but we hit some snags along the way (full post to follow shortly). I’ve definitely gotten to the point that having my clothes in garbage bags is now officially annoying. Oh, to be able to find things again!! Ok, no more complaining from me! This month, we celebrated mom, enjoyed the gorgeous spring blooms and spent quality time with friends. I had a huge design consultation for a job that I am crazy excited about this summer and we made some huge progress on the Capilano Part Deux flip. Soon, I’ll show you the new layout, exterior paint and roof revamp! Kitchen cabinets are also going in as we speak and the bathroom design is on its way! So lots to come in June but before we jump into the next month, here is just a glimpse of May…all of my currently’s for you to enjoy 🙂just a glimpse of mayHave you ever visited our site Revive Developments? If not, you should! My husband is pretty awesome. And here is my friend Kyle’s company Pinnacle. Need some logo work done? He’s your man! | The Nest is on my must read of the summer | Lemonade is everything. My favourite song is All Night by far | Bloodline season 2 on Netflix | Bibo Wine Bar is amazing & Culina Millcreek isn’t far behind. I’m taking Ryan here for his birthday dinner! | The Smoothie Recipe from Jillian Harris can be nabbed here | My house wants: check out Convivial Productions – I love their planters and gorgeous geometric dishes. Also, this mirror from Ikea is perfection!

Happy June everyone! xo