A couple of weeks ago I posted about our laundry room space and how it was in desperate need of a revamp. If you missed it or forget just how awful it looked, take a peek here.

Well I’m happy to say I can finally show you the finished product!! (though I have to apologize for the very poor lighting in my basement). Ryan and I really took our time with this small reno because it wasn’t a major part of the house. But the good thing is that we did it on a really tight budget. There were a few areas that we couldn’t drywall over because we needed to access water lines, heating tanks, furnace, etc., which meant we had to get a little creative with how to keep the space functional and beautiful too.

After a huge failed attempt with Ikea’s sliding panels, we opted for some sturdy bifold doors to section off the utility area. Now these are usually around 80$ each so we headed over to Home Reusables here in Edmonton and got 4 used ones at 20$ each. Score! All I did was give them a good cleaning and new coat of paint and they were good to go. And, I can hang clothes from them which is a bonus.IMG_5798

For the ugly water pipe section of the room, I hung a drapery panel which I painted the same stripes as the wall for continuity. This was really easy but just as an FYI, you need a ton of paint because it really soaks into the fabric and even if you think your fabric is super thick, the paint will still come through to the other side. So plan accordingly 🙂 And the stripes on the wall? Just some measuring and painter’s tape goes a long way don’t you think?IMG_5785

I think the room really came together with the small additions…recycled mason jars act as storage for all things laundry; my treasure tin is ready for all those things you find after a load; my washboard brings a touch of vintage; and, my fun Chive inspired canvases add a pop of colour.  The space is also really functional with hooks for keeping things like ironing boards handy, and my wall mounted, foldable rack is the perfect place for drying those delicates.IMG_5801IMG_5795 IMG_5794 IMG_5793 IMG_5789 IMG_5790

IMG_5803Ava loves the new floors, which believe it or not is simply peel & stick linoleum sheets that have been grouted. The grout makes it look like more expensive tile. We’ve fooled many people with this flooring. IMG_5817IMG_5824

Isn’t she cute? Follows mom wherever she goes and demands attention!


And now…for a new washer and dryer 🙂

Want to know more about the makeover? Leave a comment or send me an email! I’d be happy to give you more details.

Happy Laundering Everyone!