One thing both Ryan and I immediately noticed when we first toured the Ravine House was the staircase. Smack dab in the middle of the house, the stairs are seen from every angle and look especially gorgeous from the main living room. That is, we knew they COULD look gorgeous! When we first moved in, this is how they looked…covered in carpet, with a dated wood home

After finishing the first half of the main floor and fireplace, the staircase was next on our Ravine House reno list. I set to find some design inspiration {here} for metal railings and after going back and forth for what seems like forever, decided to go vertical. I would have loved horizontal railings but had visions of Jack being a climber. And the drop from the top of the staircase to the living room floor is extremely high, so naturally you can see where my mind went. A worrying mother I have become I guess!

I had a specific vision in mind for these metal railings and luckily found just the guy to do it! We hired Bruce from Iron Elements Inc. and he knew how to make my vision come to life. He mapped everything out, welding much of the railings on site, and then had them powder coated a gorgeous matte black. He absolutely nailed it. Want to see?!Metal Railings + A Sleek Staircase Design Metal Railings + A Sleek Staircase Design Even though I was initially disappointed in doing vertical, the second I saw them installed I knew we made the right decision. With the high ceilings, they help the eye move up, creating even more of a sense of openness. I also love that we kept the railings and all of the spindles square – it feels more modern and clean.
Metal Railings + A Sleek Staircase Design You can also see that we carried the same engineered hardwood (it is white oak) from the living room onto the stairs, with white MDF risers. Yes, I imagine the white will get a bit dirty over time, but I love the look of them too much to care!Metal Railings + A Sleek Staircase Design Metal Railings + A Sleek Staircase Design Though the real show stopper is the large set in the living room, I love the smaller railing over here in the dining room. Which means I also can’t wait to redo the dining room!! It never ends people! Metal Railings + A Sleek Staircase Design

What do you think of our metal railings and finished staircase?! If you have any metal designs buzzing around in your head, check out Iron Elements Inc. here in Edmonton, and see if Bruce can create it for you like he did for me! Our new railing has completely changed the whole vibe of the house. We keep saying that with each reno project we complete, we fall more in love our home and it’s very true…we may just never leave!

PS – I promise that I will reveal the rest of the living room design soon!