You may have noticed that I haven’t been posting a lot about fashion or style these days. That’s on purpose. I’ve wanted to steer away from those topics, especially when posing in front of a camera has made my stomach turn to knots (more to come on the post baby bod topic soon!). The main reason though is that I want to put my energy towards design and interiors…the very reasons I started the blog in the first place.

But, with that being said, a style post here or there isn’t going to hurt anyone right?! And, what better season to share my current favourites than fall…the time when chunky knits, loads of layers and turtlenecks come out to play!! So, here I am dusting off the style section of the blog and sharing some of my fall essentials. This season my must haves are:

  • Cozy knits in warm tones – creams, mustards and cognacs
  • A good fall dress that I can layer over tights when it gets really cold
  • My favourite pair of black denim from TopShop – the Jamie jean is my current obsession (snugs in the baby belly real nicely!!)
  • All the turtlenecks
  • Bell sleeves (a fad I’m sure that will be gone before we know it, but right now I am really loving that extra detail on the sleeve!)
  • Coats – a relaxed, camel trench and my open style jacket in soft grey
  • Accessories – I tend to go a little darker and muted in tones. I love me a good brown leather boot, and black loafer mules for footwear.
  • Skin care products: my regime changes with the temperature. I opt for denser night creams and a really heavy duty serum that can help with all the dryness!
What are some of your fall essentials? Anything you’re obsessed with this season that would be good for my mom bod?? lol. Also, shop some more of my current favourites in the Closet and Beauty section (just updated!!)

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