One DIY Cocktail Cart Please

Ryan and I love hosting. Our house may be a bit on the tiny side but we can still pack a decent amount of people in our kitchen and living room. We have slowly started turning our basement into a usable space (blog post coming soon I promise) but for now, it’s upstairs or nothing. […]

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The Kenilworth Reno

One project I am excited about taking on is helping our dear friend Brendon as he flips a home in the Kenilworth neighbourhood. Now this bungalow leaves much to be desired at the moment – the previous owners must have owned cats and smoked and the decor is super dated and grungy; but, it has […]

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My Summer Reading Picks


I have always been a big reader. My home is filled with books. So when summer vacation starts I usually have a pile of books waiting to be opened. Need some help picking books to get your summer read on? Maybe one of these will intrigue you: Z by Therese Anne Fowler – I JUST […]

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Inspired by…Dorothy Lynne

For my first post, I feel I should tell you about someone very important to me. I have already gotten a lot of questions as to why I chose my middle name for my blog. I was named after my beautiful great Grandmother, Ina Kristina, who was a lover of nature, literature and baking. My […]

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