Another month has come and gone! A part of me was hoping that I would be early and not get to 38 weeks, but apparently, he is really content in there. How can you blame him though when it’s been so cold on the other side!

Ryan and I have been busy as usual but we found a weekend to attend prenatal classes together (more on that below). And we also had a really fun date night this past week where we had amazing food at Crash and then checked out a hockey game at our new Rogers arena. It reminded me of the importance in taking time together as a couple. Hopefully, we can still make that a priority after baby comes. We have some pretty stellar babysitters lined up, so I have a feeling that won’t be an issue…38 weeks

Here are some more details at 38 weeks:

Baby’s Size: A Big ‘Ol Watermelon!

Currently Feeling: I think I have officially rounded the bend of slightly claustrophobic to downright uncomfortable. I feel massive and cumbersome and my groin has started to hurt consistently. I know this means he is making his way down, but still. Ouch…just ouch! It would be ever so lovely if he decided to join us early!

Food Cravings/Disgusts: I have been making so much soup lately. Ryan absolutely loves it! And the good thing is we can freeze extras for the first weeks back from the hospital. I am trying to really organize frozen dinners ahead of time.

Best New Developments: We both felt like the prenatal classes were really beneficial – which, yes, we waited to do until this late in the game, which could have bit us in the butt I suppose. But, the info is fresh in our minds and I can officially say we are READY for bean to come! Oh, and another new development is that my nesting is in full swing and I love it! I’m already pretty organized but now my house is immaculate!! I love this phase of pregnancy!

Worst New Developments: Yeah the whole crotch hurting thing is the worst by far. I am using my hot water bottle consistently and taking some Epsom salt baths. I’ve also started to do that whole water retention thing I think. Now, I’ve suffered with swollen joints for the better part of my life, so that’s not so bad. I just wish the water would stay out of my face though lol

Currently Living In: Tights and Lululemon leggings. Jeans are just no longer feasible for me. I live for comfort! I also got this really cute dress from Pink Blush and I’m loving it! I seem to be all about olive green as of late. Plus, with the buttons, it will be awesome for breastfeeding too.

Excited For: After teasing you for long enough, this week I am sharing not only the nursery, but our baby’s name as well (I think most people already know it at this point!). It will be a full week of baby! But, of course, I would be lying if I didn’t say I was most excited to meet him. I really hope this is the last check in post and the next one can be me introducing Baby Bean to the world!!

XOPregnancy Post: 38 weeks

Photos by Breanne Marie Photography