Steal This Style: An Art Filled Living Room

I first saw this gorgeous home tour on Diana’s blog a few months ago. And for some reason, it has stuck in my mind. Perhaps it’s the heartwarming story of how the homeowners fell in love with the home and restored it to its former glory (not unlike myself and Ryan’s current journey) or how they seamlessly blended mid century and traditional styles to create the perfect relaxed yet cohesive vibe. Whatever it is, I absolutely love the neutral colour scheme with the occasional pops of green. The entire home is gorgeous but for today’s post, I had to steal their living room style – more specifically their TV nook. I’ve always wanted to style a gallery wall around the television and this art filled space is the perfect inspiration. The trick is to not only pick pieces of art that you love, but to think of the entire colour palette. What makes this art filled living room work so well is that the pieces complement each other – there’s a substantial amount of black and white, with just a touch of soft pinks and beiges. Bonus: it’s the perfect backdrop to that striking green chair. Let’s steal this style, shall we?!art filled living room art filled living roomAn Eclectic & Art Filled Living Room: Floral Print | Dog Print | Abstract Print | Horse Print | Media Unit | Faux Fur Throw | Green Accent Chair | Super White by Benjamin Moore | Brass End Table | White Ceramic Vase

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