When we journeyed to Toronto, just a little while ago, I vowed to pack like a pro. I only brought a small suitcase and really planned out my looks for each day. But just as I went to pat myself on the back, the Toronto weather decided to play a trick on me! It decided to be muggy, hot and surprisingly sunny. Where was the fall weather I was craving?! The cool breeze and the overcast skies?! Grrrr!

I was desperate to wear my new vest (I’m calling it a vest even though it’s dubbed a sleeveless cardigan) even if it was made of merino wool! I wasn’t going to let a little sun prevent me from travelling in style. And, thankfully, I had packed a black tee just in case and it still worked underneath my vest! Big sigh of relief! FYI – this baby is basically a built in furnace so I’m extra hot these days!style, travel, vest, fall style style, travel, vest, fall style

I absolutely love dressing in layers come fall and this sweater is perfect with its softness and long length. The entire outfit was ideal for a day touring Toronto and then later, for jumping on the plane back to YEG. No need to change! style, travel, vest, fall style style, travel, vest, fall style style, travel, vest, fall style

Outfit Details \\ Hat \\ Sleeveless Cardigan \\ Zara Jeans – similar \\ Bootiesstyle, travel, vest, fall style

I’ve also linked a bunch of my favourite essentials for your next journey, so you can travel in style! Let me know what you think and if you have some stylish suggestions! xo