I know it’s been a bit quiet on the blog front as of late but I have been one busy bee kicking off this summer!! Last weekend, I had the pleasure of accompanying 9 of the best ladies out there to Montana on a lil road trip for my stagette!! And it was the most incredible weekend! Let me show and tell you how to have the best bachelorette party…ever! 🙂

Best StagetteFirst off, pack the car to the brim!! Leave nothing behind!!!

Best stagetteMake sure to stop off in a small town in the middle of nowhere to have some good home cooking for lunch. Buy candy a plenty and have an ice cream cone in the heat!

Best stagette

Upon arrival, start with the essentials! (Look what my girls did for me – Totes getting married -and for each other – Totes getting wasted! Just the BEST TOTES)

Best stagette Best stagetteGet all dolled up, have an amazing dinner before joining up with the groom to be and his guys for one joint night of fun! Laughs will ensue…and pictures will stay in the vault haha

best stagette

After nursing throbbing heads the next morning, soak up the heat with a beach day.

best stagetteRent paddle boards or tubes if you are injured or prone to injuries…

best stagette…and attempt yoga poses without falling into the lake (nice try Stef…almost)

And if you do fall into the lake…best stagetteTry to look cool doing it…but be aware that losing Ray Bans to the lake floor is a possibility…

After a bit of a rest, have an amazing lakefront dinner and stop to appreciate the sunset.best stagetteGet a lovely stranger to take the perfect group shot.best stagetteAnd more photos can be taken here…best stagette

Finish off the night with games and drinks a plenty!

I seriously had the most incredible time though it was surreal having a stagette. It means its all starting and soon the wedding will be over in the blink of an eye. But getting to spend a couple of nights with these people I hold dearest meant the world…I wish everyone could have made it but I have a huge thank you to make to everyone who made me feel so very very loved. To my maid of honour Jenny, for taking on the planning and to all the other girls for taking the time and energy. Sure the partying is fun and most girls wear all the bride to be regalia and make fools of themselves but what this was really about for me was just being with my girls. It was very special!

I hope your summer is off to the best start and you enjoy your first July weekend!!