Today, I am thrilled to welcome back my dear friend Kyle for a second instalment of his gift guide for the gentlemen! Last year, I got such great feedback about his post and the items he chose, so I HAD to have him back again. If you’ve been to some of the local craft markets in the city like Royal Bison, you may have seen him at the Federal Moto booth, selling the awesome products they have! But if you missed it or live elsewhere, don’t worry! He has included some of his favourite gift ideas here, many of which are local products that rock. So check it out, because Kyle knows his stuff!

gift guide

Winter Essentials: A great Vest – perfect for layering – I live in mine right now. A comfy Moto Sweater by who else but Federal Moto! | Cutting Boards – Maple wood! Oliver makes some cool stuff and also do custom work. | In the city, places like Farrow and Transcend have a bag of coffee a month. What a great idea to try a variety of incredible coffee, like this one. | I am loving Joggers – sweatpants reinvented! It’s a comfy and stylish option over the holidays. I love these navy ones from Zanerobe and Simon’s has a ton of different styles. | Japanese Hand Made Knife – So sharppppppp and look so damn cool. Choose anyone from this site! | Everyday Duffel bag – Fashionable and classic | Some camping classics: An Axe for cutting stuff? So cool. Every man likes a well made axe. And some fun socks – camping themed! | Field Note Pocket Books – stop using your phone, take some old school notes! Lots of different models but The Snowblind winter model even changes colour in various lighting

gift guideWhat do you think of this year’s gift guide for him?? Big thank you again to my dear friend Kyle! xo (photo: Nicole Ashley)