Inspired by…Dorothy Lynne

For my first post, I feel I should tell you about someone very important to me.

I have already gotten a lot of questions as to why I chose my middle name for my blog. I was named after my beautiful great Grandmother, Ina Kristina, who was a lover of nature, literature and baking. My middle name comes from my Nana, Dorothy Lynne, who was the rock of my family. She was dependable, incredibly intelligent, so very caring and loved by all who knew her. I feel like both of these women shaped me in ways that I am  still discovering and I wanted them to still be a part of my life and this new venture.

When my Nana passed away this fall, it shook the whole family to the core, because as is often the case, it was much too soon for her to be leaving us. She lived each day to the fullest, even if she didn’t feel well, doing the things she loved like visiting her friends and family, shopping, baking, reading, travelling the world…In her last few years of life she visited Norway, Italy, London, Turkey, and when the Olympics were taking place in Vancouver, she was right there in all the action. And she was doing all of this with rheumatoid arthritis, a disease she had been fighting since her thirties. Her strength and spirit have left a huge impression on me and I want to live my days doing the things I am passionate about, because we all know how quickly it all goes by.

And so, because of this, my design company will be named Kristina Lynne Designs and even though my Nana is no longer with us, she will continue to inspire the posts and pages of this blog, Inspired by Lynne.

I can’t wait to share…

2010 Kia and me Bday

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