When it comes to flowers, one thing I definitely know is how much beauty, life and personality they can add to a wedding or event! But that’s really where my knowledge ends. So when I had my first floral meeting for my wedding with my dear friend and owner of faBLOOMosity, Janine, it was obvious just how much help I needed. Luckily, I was in the best hands in the biz – faBLOOMosity is without a doubt THE BEST floral atelier in Edmonton. Janine immediately knew the aesthetic I was hoping for and ran with it, coming up with some brilliant ideas to add just the perfect touch to our wedding day. Within an hour, it was clear to me just how incredibly passionate, talented and inspiring this woman was. Little did I know, she had more up her sleeve than I originally expected.

faBLOOMosity bouquetFirst of all, Janine and her team created the most brilliant bouquet I had ever seen. I couldn’t believe that it was mine to hold as I walked down the aisle and yes, I started crying when I saw it for the first time. Funny enough, Janine had to leave the room when I first saw it because she was so nervous for my reaction, again showing me just how much she cared about me and my experience. And then, instead of bridal bouquets, they created one-of-a-kind floral headpieces for each of my bridesmaids to wear. I wish I could take credit for this idea but this was entirely the genius of Janine – a spark of ingenuity off of my desire to simply “do something different.” One of her true strengths is her ability to listen and then encompass her clients personality perfectly. faBLOOMosity florals faBLOOMosity florals

When I saw my venue for the first time, I cried again. She completely captured my vision of a Midsummer Night’s Dream, adding small details like flowers in the frames behind the “alter”, huge pieces of greenery to our photo booth and even extra votives filled with florals on all the tables. It was breathtaking.faBLOOMosity florals

But the biggest surprise of all was the extra length she went to make my day the most special it could be. Janine snuck into one of our photo locations, climbed a crazy amount of stairs in the blistering heat all so she could have the building staged with the most incredible flowers for us. Never in my life has someone done something like that for me and it truly took my breath away. faBLOOMosityfaBLOOMosity florals

So you can see why this woman is the very best at what she does and why I will always sing her praises. And she has made some HUGE changes in the past few months that are only continuing to set her a part from the rest of the pack. She made a giant leap and moved to a new location, enduring months of renovation to achieve her dream studio space. faBLOOMosity floral atelier faBLOOMosity floral atelier faBLOOMosity floral atelier

You would have thought, looking at these photos, that she hired a designer – but no! Janine and her team designed every detail in the space and it couldn’t be more spectacular. From her showcase of chandeliers to her wall of words (written by the lovely Justine Ma), faBLOOMosity is beyond impressive. What an achievement!

And on top of the new space, Janine has also launched a new shop called BLOOM Floral Bar. She’s designed these incredibly thoughtful Bloom Boxes, perfect for many occasions like Valentine’s Day, an anniversary or popping that question 😉 (I love the succulent filled box aptly named “Life Would Suc Without You” – I mean, how freaking clever is that!!!) You can also grab some of my fave chocolates from Jacek that I had at my wedding as well, and cards by Justine Ma. A one stop shop!

So if you have a wedding, event or any reason to need flowers in your future, you need to check out faBLOOMosity and meet the one and only Janine. I promise that she will create your vision…and more!