20 weeksWell, we’ve made it to 20 weeks! Halfway there! I can’t believe how fast it’s already going by. I love my bump, I have full blown pregnancy brain for sure (one night I went to climb into bed and I had my car keys in my hand…wtf?!!) and this past weekend Ryan and I finally did some research and started a gift registry. And, of course, the other week we found out the gender of the baby! It’s all really exciting!20 weeks

Here are some more details from the 20 week mark:

Baby’s Size: A mango! And my other app says baby’s as long as a banana?? Crazy!

Currently Feeling: The best so far. I love the second trimester so much more than the first. The bump is out so I feel more pregnant, instead of just “fat.” I also love that the weather has turned and now I can wear layers, sweaters and comfy clothing. I love fall!!

Food Cravings: I’m loving soup at the moment with salty crackers. Oh, and grapefruit is fast becoming a favourite!

Food Disgusts: Again, nothing really! Me and all food are getting along very nicely! The only thing I can’t stand right now is the smell of wine or beer, which is funny because I LOVE wine.

Best New Developments: I think I’ve felt the little pitter patter of feet or arms inside, which is an amazing feeling. I’m obsessed with baby browsing – I’ve found so many adorable shops that I would love to spend all my money at! Help!! Seeing the baby again at the ultrasound and knowing that everything is going a-ok really set our minds at ease.

Worst New Developments: Peeing in the middle of the night constantly now. My dreams are CRAZY, which is both good and bad I guess (some are quite entertaining). I only have one pair of jeans left that fit me.

Currently Living In: My last pair of jeans 🙂 A couple of plain black dresses that I can layer easily. My Huarache sandals from Urban Outfitters – so comfy.

Excited For: More baby kicks! And I’m finally starting to work on the nursery design, which is amazingly exciting!!

And I’m also very excited to finally reveal if we are having a boy or girl…



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It’s a…

20 weeksThat’s right!! We are having a sweet baby boy and we couldn’t be more thrilled! We have a lot of nieces and so many friends with girls, so a boy will be a welcome change from the norm. I cannot wait to meet him!20 weeks 20 weeksAnd I think somebody else is excited to meet her baby brother…protective already!