pregnancy post, 34 weeksAnother month come and gone. Basically one more to go…there are so many emotions going on now that I’m 34 weeks! My belly feels massive and I’m distraught that I’m gaining too much weight (something I touched on last post) but I’m sure everyone feels this way. One of my friends has a mantra right now of “be kind to yourself” so I’m really trying to do repeat that in my head as well. This baby is healthy and happy, kicking away and moving a ton! His heart rate is good and every check up goes smoothly! For that, I am eternally grateful and happy to be in this slightly uncomfortable state.

Here are some more details at 34 weeks:

Baby’s Size: A Honeydew

Currently Feeling: Still feeling really cumbersome and I’ve started to use the word claustrophobic! I’m struggling with reaching the floor or putting on shoes, so that’s annoying more than anything. Also, trying to get through a couple of weeks in -30 when you don’t have a warm coat that fits over your belly is a struggle, let me tell ya!! Otherwise, I’m feeling really good!

Food Cravings: Still loving the Christmas oranges. And Christmas treats in general. I have been drinking a lot of caffeine free teas lately too. I have such a hard time drinking enough water, so this helps me stay hydrated.

Food Disgusts: Still NO food aversions. And no nausea, not even one day of it. The pregnancy Gods took it very easy on me.

Best New Developments: The fact that I’m in the final stretches and don’t feel completely panicked about labour and delivery. Meeting with our doula was really helpful for both Ryan and I, and I think we will feel even more confident after our prenatal classes. I truthfully feel more excited than anxious about everything!

Worst New Developments: Even though a lot of movement is a good thing, this baby is starting to beat on my poor body lol. I adore the little jabs and kicks but when he does these big, what feel like, flips in my belly, I almost want to puke. Also, even with serums and body oils, this mama has some stretch marks. I think those are just to be expected in my case though, so I’m trying not to be so hard on myself.

Currently Living In: I got this really comfy maternity sweater from Gap the other day and I have barely taken it off (my 34 weeks pictures prove this). Oh, and my Dwell and Slumber dress came in!!! Insert the hands raised emoji here. I chose the dark grey and I am loving it! (look for a full post on that soon)

Excited For: Christmas, even though it’s not baby’s first one yet. It makes me that much more excited to celebrate with him next year. I’m excited for my shoot with Bre coming up next week – she is photographing the nursery!!! Cannot wait to share that with you all!pregnancy post, 34 weeks

Merry Christmas and Love from me and the 34 week old bean! XO