Pura Baby & MamaToday, I am so excited to talk all about the brand new line from Pura Botanicals – Pura Baby. This line of amazing products brings you straight to a whimsical world that the child in all of us is longing for. It’s the connection to nature that makes us feel radiant and in-tune with ourselves. This collection is inspired by creator Lane’s own three children, and the awareness she developed around just how delicate and vulnerable to chemicals babies’ skin and bodies are. Over time, it became an absolute necessity to create a line of eco-safe products that are 100% chemical-free, and consciously crafted with the utmost integrity and quality.Pura Baby & Mama

 What I love about this collection (and you will too):
  • all-natural, skin friendly ingredients that show just how committed Lane is to life-long wellness
  • how skin friendly you ask? Pura Baby is made of the finest, wild-harvested, paraben-free, phthalate-free, vegan, and cruelty-free ingredients like cucumber peel extract, white lotus floral water, helichrysum, honeysuckle and calendula.
  • Lane’s desire is to work for the planet, to preserve the earth for our children’s’ future
  • the fact that they research, formulate, and make all their products in their own green beauty apothecary and production studio in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.

I am already in love with the tummy serum and I completely trust the incredible knowledge that Lane possesses. Once my little one arrives, I can’t wait for all of these products to become a part of our everyday rituals. This line is truly a labour of love! And because I am so inspired, I had to ask Lane a few more questions:Pura Baby & Mama

What was the inspiration behind creating this new line for mamas and babies?

When I was expecting my first daughter while living in Australia (now I have three little ones), I became ultra sensitive to all of my conventional beauty products. The overwhelming smell of chemicals and synthetic ingredients were so distinct to me when I was pregnant, they would actually make me feel physically sick. I thought, these products are not only toxic, but how could I use them on me or my baby during such a delicate and formative time. I started to research skincare, aromatherapy, herbology and alchemy. I read and studied every book I could get my hands on for 3-years before starting to formulate my own collection, which is now known as Pura Botanicals. For me, being a mother is the greatest gift. I want to be around for a long time. This is my way of creating awareness and taking care of other women and their children. Pura Baby & Mama

Which product from the line is your favourite and why?

Oooh, they’re all so special, it’s hard to choose. The Pixie & Sprite Wash is like creamy, ultra-nourishing nectar for cleansing your baby’s hair and body. I also get swept off my feet by the Enchanting Lullaby Mist with white lotus and chamomile. Sometimes you just need something special to soothe you and baby for the fussy times, or when you’re totally sleep deprived and need a little sanity and pampering. The senses just lap up the aromatic beauty and calmness of this room and body mist. Bubble bath can be made with all sorts of yucky ingredients, but Whimsical Bubbles is so pure and really nourishes baby’s skin. I love to use it for myself too!

The Ambrosia Beautifying Complex is just the most nutrient packed face oil. Your skin goes through so much when you’re pre and post-baby. It needs a major boost of long-lasting, no-fuss, high performance ingredients. So we formulated it with evening primrose oil, rosehip oil, ultra-healing helichrysum, luxurious neroli, and organic frankincense. You can use it day and night to tone, firm and balance your complexion. I’ve had three kids, and I know how easy it is to sacrifice your beauty ritual, but you don’t have to if you just do your best to be consistent with high-quality, non-toxic products. My favourite thing about this collection is that it’s going to pamper mommies. We so deserve it! Pura Baby & Mama

What is your biggest hope or goal for this new venture?

I hope PURA makes women feel empowered in knowing that they are truly using self-care products and skincare that is going to lengthen their time here on this planet. To be here for their children and possibly their grandchildren. Our health and self-esteem comes from how we take care of ourselves. It’s a part of how we view our self-worth and what we do to elevate it on a daily basis. Mothers have the most important role on this universe. I love handcrafting it too. The materials are insanely beautiful, and a treasure trove to work with. Especially with our hands.   Pura Baby & Mama Pura Baby & Mama

If you could give new mammas (like me) one piece of advice, what would it be?

Trust your body. It’ll tell you everything, if you’re listening and willing to honour it always. Motherhood will make you grow in ways you didn’t think possible. Remember, emotions never last, and will always pass. So when it’s really hard, it wont always be that way. Hormones like to play tricks on us. Commit to looking after yourself, and ask for help even before you really need it.Pura Baby & MamaThank you so much Lane!! Pura Baby & Mama

And now, you can enter to win 3 of the beautiful products from Pura Baby – the Enchanting Lullaby Mist, the Petite Petals Baby Bath Tea and the Pixie and Sprite Wash – valued at 154.00. You can head to my Instagram to gain entries there and/or complete the following for additional entries:

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This contest is open to all! Good luck!! And check out the whole collection when it’s released September 22nd!! xo