simple bridesmaids giftsYes, I know what you’re thinking, I had 10 bridesmaids!! And it was amazing! I couldn’t have imagined my wedding day without each of them so…10 it was. Which made getting bridesmaids gifts a bit tricky. I wish I could have done something extravagant and personalized for each of them because I love them so dearly BUT the budget wouldn’t quite stretch that far. So, I had to get a little creative. I wanted something that 1. they could actually use 2. reflected the wedding and myself and 3. was creative and a bit more unique.

So this is what I came up with in the end. Some personal and very simple bridesmaids gift ideas for any wedding, in any season!
bridesmaids gifts

1. Instead of a card, I printed a favourite snapshot of each bridesmaid and myself from Social Print Studio. On the back, I wrote a personal message from the heart. They can keep the photo, whether framed or not, and always have the memory…rather than a card that may end up hitting the garbage eventually (it happens!)

2. Beauty must haves! I wanted them to have fresh skin, so each lady got a face mask from Real Nature. And just so all 10 ladies could have similar looks the next day, I gave them each a MAC lipstick. Definitely something they can use again after the wedding…especially because they were neutral shades: Patisserie and Peach Blossom. Gorgeous choices for a summer wedding!bridesmaids gifts

3. I then made each of my girls a tray with their initial on the centre. It’s a good catch all for change, keys, or jewelry.

4. Inside the little gold container, I gave them gold rings that they could wear with any other jewelry on the day and afterwards. I loved that these ones in particular were so delicate and thin, and looked beautiful layered or as midi rings. And with all the girls wearing blush, cream or white, the small gold accent was perfect. I also gave my maid of honour pearl earrings to match mine. bridesmaids gifts5. Because I absolutely adore succulents (and they were also in my bouquet), I just had to give them as gifts to my girls. Even without a green thumb, they can last a long time and need barely any upkeep! But because I also anticipated their eventual demise, I decided to make…bridesmaids giftsbridesmaids gifts

6. A personalized Love Mug for the succulents instead of simply placing them in a typical planter. That way if the succulent goes to the wayside, they can use it for coffee, tea, another plant or a catch all.bridesmaids gifts

My biggest tip for gift giving around wedding time, is give from the heart. And even though the typical robes and hangers are lovely, it’s nice to think outside the box a little too and try to add a personal touch. More than anything, amidst the craziness, just try to enjoy it and have fun!