At the moment, I’m continually glancing over at the monitor that’s been placed beside the laptop screen. I have a half drank, cold cup of coffee to my left. A list of grocery items to my right. It’s all very normal now. In fact, right before I set to write Jack’s 6 month post, I reread the one I wrote at 4 months. So much of it is still rings true, and yet, I also realize how far we’ve come as a little family. Here’s what I can tell you about Jack at 6 months…At 6 months

At 6 months Jack has conquered so many firsts. He went on an airplane, touched grass, sand and the sea, tried food, rolled over, sat up (with wobbles), got teeth!…all for the first time. He’s discovered his feet, his voice and his, ahem, nether region. All of these firsts are so special for me to see him experience. They’re also so fleeting and make me wish to freeze time even more.At 6 months At 6 months

At 6 months Jack is skinny and long, taking after his father much more than me so far! I’ve been told to get more food in him, which has been going really well. He loves the pureed mixes I give him but cereal is still a bit of a battle. I’ve started to toy with the idea of weaning him off of breastmilk. Part of me is so excited to close that chapter but another part of me still treasures those sweet, silent moments together.At 6 months At 6 months At 6 months his sleeping patterns are changing and I couldn’t be more grateful. I’m finally seeing some longer stretches and sleep training has allowed me to stop nursing him to sleep. He still has moments of being unhappy in his crib but otherwise, he knows how to settle himself and fall asleep on his own. This has been the best new development for me and my mental health. Instead of spending all this time in a dark nursery trying to get him to nod off, I’m able to have some short stints of me time. I’ve been able to devote a few more hours to my passions and my career. I LOVE being a mom but balance is really important too.At 6 months

At 6 months I can confidently say it’s only getting better. Though I can still admit to questioning nearly every decision I make as a mom, I am slowly growing more confident. And so is Jack! At 6 months