When we moved into the Ravine house last year, we were blessed with some extra square footage of living space. Much to my delight, that meant I could finally move my Nana’s piano into our home, which we did last fall. I wrote this post on decorating around a passed down piano and conjured up ideas of how I could include this precious item in our living space.

And so, now that the piano has found its permanent home, I can finally tackle the decor around (and on) it. Here are some of my piano styling tips and how I chose to incorporate them into my design:Piano styling

Artwork looks beautiful next to a piano. Choose one large show stopper or group together some varying sizes in a gallery style. I turned to Minted to find some beautiful options and I ended up selecting some that work well together – a mix of photography and abstract prints that compliment one another well. Obviously, I like to keep things pretty neutral, but I also chose some pieces that had some soft blues and greens. I decided on a variety of sizing so that it wouldn’t look too uniform when arranged together.

Decide how you want to display the art. Leaning frames against the wall looks especially nice atop a piano but I chose to keep the actual top pretty sparse and place my artwork on a picture ledge. I took a design note from one of my favourites – Chris Loves Julia – and arranged the pieces with the larger frames flanking the ends.Piano styling

Adding some ambiance with lighting can elevate your piano decor. I placed a large table lamp on the far side, which also adds a bit of vertical height, as well as a contrasting texture. You can never go wrong with a candle or two as well, just be careful about wax drips on wood.Piano Styling 101

Accessorize with some stacked books, a bit of greenery or some favourite sculptural objects. Group items together (3 items is best) and try to think less is more – the piano should still be the focal point after all. Balance your textures – my styled items include a bit of metal, some softness in the fur and, of course, the natural leaves. There’s just the right amount of contrast and not too much visual noise.Piano Styling 101 Piano Styling 101 Piano Styling 101 Piano Styling 101

I love how this piano styling came together to create a beautiful niche in my living room. It doesn’t take much – just some gorgeous prints and a few decorative items to make your piano come to life.

My Minted artwork included Night Clouds, Presence, Soma and Days in Paris