As if I don’t have enough going on at the moment, I recently decided to join the spring One Room Challenge! I’ve always wanted to participate, seeing all the amazing projects circulating on IG, and since we were planning on continuing the Ravine House renovation anyways, it seemed like as good a time as any. I do have one problem though…I can’t decide which space to dedicate to the challenge. Nothing like waiting till the last minute, hey?! And so, I need some help. Here are my two options:

ORC Project 1 – The Front Foyer
Spring One Room Challenge Spring One Room Challenge

Pros – It’s a small space and won’t take a lot of energy to complete. I’m not looking for major pieces of furniture and so, it won’t cost a lot. Plus, we’ve already replaced the tile, so the biggest job is already done! Also…from a practical standpoint, I really really want this foyer done!!

One Major Con – I’m waiting to hear back from a brand about replacing our front door. I feel like their involvement is more than likely secured but the front door is basically the focal point. I don’t know if I can tackle this space without the collaboration.

ORC Project 2 – Our Main Floor Bathroom/Laundry Room
new home

Pros – We are doing this space anyways whether I showcase it as the ORC space or not. I already have some great partnerships in the works and such a fantastic design planned.

Cons – All around, it’s a much bigger job! I’m worried that if I rush it, I won’t do it justice!

Which space should I choose for the One Room Challenge?! Do I go for the foyer and hope my collab works out or should I showcase the bigger project and do the bathroom?? Help a girl out!
Next week, I promise to reveal my decision and the design plan I have in mind! XO

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