fall decor, fall, decoratingI won’t lie. I love the transition from summer to fall. I always feel ready for the cooler temperatures and I absolutely love fall style. But in the last couple of years, I have also realized how much I love transitioning my home decor. There are certain things that are easy for me to do to make the spaces in my home feel more cozy, warm and on trend with the fall season. Here are some secrets for how to transition your decor into fall.

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Cozy up your space

The secret to this is layering more soft textures, making any space feel plush and warm. I have a few pillows that I have tucked away during the summer months that, come September, I unpack. They are much softer, thicker and some have deeper, richer colors. Try layering some various rugs or even adding different blankets to your living room collection. Store the light summer throws in favour of heavier wool or knit blankets.


Think about the combination of pillows on your sofa. You should have just the right amount of variety, interest and of course softness. Check out these options for a great pillow combo!

Pillow 1 | 2 | 3 | 4

transition your decor into fall

Layering rugs doesn’t have to be hard. Start with a large area rug in jute for instance. Then layer some softer options on top. A small faux sheepskin rug can be a great addition when it starts getting even colder.

Rug 1 | 2 | 3 | 4

transition your decor into fallAdding soft throws to a bedroom, den or living area will always be an excellent decor choice because they are practical and stylish. In the winter, switch it up for something that will keep you even more warm and cozy!

Some Beautiful Throws:  1 | 2 | 3

transition your decor into fall, fall decor, transitioning for fall, interior design

Another tip: I always change my comforter from warm to cool seasons. Try changing your sheets and linens too! I love the coziness in this bedroom!

transition your decor into fall

Think About Lighting

In the near future, I want to dedicate a whole series of posts to lighting; but, it really can be a simple change, especially when transitioning into darker days. One of the only things I truly hate about winter is that our days are so short. Going to and from work in the dark doesn’t really inspire a ton of happiness, am I right? To fight the evening doldrums, try adding a bit more task or focal lighting to a space. Having pockets of light can really draw people together and create the right type of mood and setting. Put extra table lamps in your home, even in your kitchen! Change out your icky fluorescent bulbs for warmer halogen or cost effective LED. The market has come a long way in LED choices, so take a look and make a change!

transition your decor into fall

Add Some New Scents

Fall candles!!! Could there be a more heavenly thing!? I absolutely love the aroma of pumpkin spice, vanilla maple or apple pie wafting in the my house. In addition to new scents, I like to change up some of the candle holders around the house. Think more natural woods or brass fixtures.


 Diptyque | Woodfire Candle | Wooden holders | Wood and Rope Lanterns

Screen Shot 2014-09-28 at 10.08.08 PM

 Change up Floral Displays

Beautiful fresh flowers are not quite as readily available come fall but that doesn’t mean your table displays need to suffer. This is a great time to dry out hydrangeas, buy faux berries or wheat or even grab some plain branches outside to bundle in a vase.

transition your decor into fall, fall decor, transitioning for fall

Think about textures

Fall is not only the time to switch up your pillows & blankets, it’s also a great time to add natural woods, jute or wicker, and rich leather. What works so well is the layering and balance of materials. It mimics the diversity found in nature and makes a space feel so reflective of fall.

transition your decor into fall| Wood Tray (cutting and serving) | Storage Basket – Similar | Leather Pouf

So don’t be afraid to make some small changes this fall to your home decor. It’s all about the details!! Happy fall decorating!

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