Today, I am very proud to reveal a new venture that I have been keeping behind closed doors for months. As you know, one of my main blogging cohorts is Diana of 204 Park. We’ve collaborated on our blogs for years now and completed a few projects along the way. We even journeyed to BlogPodium twice together! In fact, we have quite a lot in common and it was on the last trip to Toronto where we discovered we shared a very similar dream…Kresswell Interiors

You definitely need to read the entire story of how Kresswell Interiors was born…at a café in Toronto this past fall. And then discover exactly what this new interior design company is all about!!

Check out the story here
Discover all that is Kresswell Interiors here

I am so incredibly excited for this next step and I hope you are too! I’d love to hear your thoughts, so comment away! Kresswell Interiors