How to Mix Metals the Right Way

Mixing metals is a design trend that doesn’t seem to be losing much steam. Not only does mixing, say, brass and gold or black and chrome instantly brighten up a space, it’s also a surefire way to add dimension and visual interest. Mixed metals look both modern and eclectic, like you’ve been effortlessly collecting pieces over years. But though it might seem simple, a lot of people struggle to get the recipe right. It’s true that it takes a bit of practice and understanding to create the right balance. So, I put together some foolproof tips on how to mix metals the right way:mix metals, mixing metals, mixed metals

What do you think about mixing metal finishes? Is it something you could see yourself doing on a project or renovation?I mixed together black and chrome on our master bathroom reno and loved the results! Even our shared bath/laundry room has different tones of brass and black! Just remember this recipe and you’ll definitely be able to create a cohesive look with that designer touch 😉

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* The third image is from my dear friend With Justine – who is renovating a heritage home here in yeg! Go check it out!!