The Ottewell Oasis: Mid Century Design Inspo

With the exterior almost done (which is a good thing because it just started snowing in Edmonton!!), I’m turning my attention to the interior of the Ottewell Oasis. I thought this time around I would share some inspiration for the entire home before going into the specifics of say the kitchen and bathrooms. And, if you remember from this post, the whole concept for this home is to go ultra mid century mod! I’ve pulled in elements of this style in past flips, but this house was practically begging to be fully restored to the decade it was built…with a modern twist of course. So, here are some of my initial thoughts and ideas for this home and, if nothing else, an opportunity to feast your eyes on some gorgeous mid century design!

The Living Room & Fireplace

Mid Century Design, living room design The existing fireplace is in great condition. With a fresh coat of paint, it will look spectacular, just like these. I’d love to do a floating wood mantel as well with some sconces mounted above. Mid Century Design, fireplace, mantel design We have really large, brand new windows and beautiful beams in the living room, so it won’t take much to make this space shine. If I had my pick of dream furniture to stage with, it would look something like this…Mid Century Design, living room, mid century windows Mid Century Design, living room, mid century modern living room And of course, one of the most exciting parts of the living room, is that we are installing open shelves, floor to ceiling, right beside the fireplace. The perfect place for me to get my shelf stylin’ on!Mid Century Design, open bookshelf Mid Century Design, fireplace, open bookshelf

The Dining Room

Mid Century Design, dining roomA minimalist dining space will look perfect nestled in beside the kitchen, especially if the chairs have a punch of colour like the ones above. Mid Century Design, dining room

The Kitchen

Mid Century Design, kitchen design, wood cabinets

I want the kitchen in the Ottewell Oasis to feel really warm and inviting. I’m envisioning all wood veneered cabinets on the perimeter with darker island cabinetry…possibly black or dark grey. The countertops will more than likely be a soft white or neutral grey, depending on the backsplash.Mid Century Design, kitchen design Mid Century Design, kitchen design

The Bathrooms

Mid Century Design, bathroom design Again, I’m envisioning wood in the bathrooms. We may end up duplicating the vanity we designed in our own half bath. That and some bold, graphic tile! Mid Century Design, bathroom design

So what do you think of my inspiration and the mid century design ideas? Can you see this home as clearly as I can?! 😉 Check back again because I’ll be sharing more concrete details soon!

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